Got Fitness Goals? Come and Jog With Me!

It’s a sunny, brisk, 54 degrees outside, yielding perfect conditions for a mid-morning jog!  Twenty something days into the New Year, and I am reminded that I need to start working on one of my personal goals for 2017:  MORE FITNESS!  Need motivation?  Don’t quite know where to start?  I understand.  In the photo above, I have gathered some of my favorite items that I use to get motivated for a session at the gym, home DVD, or simply, a jog in the park!  From selecting the right music, to workout gear, to gathering a moisturizing lip tint and clean-scented perfume, these are tools that I can assure will motivate you to workout in style while smelling great all at the same time.

So, come and jog with me.  But first, let’s fuel up with a little Starbucks!

Choosing your scenery might be one of the most important steps when trying to get motivated for a workout session.  I absolutely love the outdoors, so setting my timer and putting on my pump-up music gives me just the push I need to get my jog on while taking in nature’s fresh and crisp wintry air.

Nike trainers and golf hat, check.  Prescriptive’s Calyx perfume, check.  Mirrored sunnies (because UV protection is essential), check check!!  Topping it off with my favorite moisturizing lip product, the Clinique Chubby Stick in Strawberry, and it’s on!  Let’s go!

Thirty-five minutes later, I feel refreshed, revived, and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.  I hope that you’re now a lot more motivated to act on your fitness goals.  Are you like me, and enjoy jogging outdoors, or do you prefer a hardcore session at the gym?  Whatever you choose, approach your fitness activities with safety, a little sass, and a lot of style!

-With Love,



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