Cosmetics Q&A:  The “No Makeup” Makeup Edition 

It’s time for a quick Cosmetics Question & Answer segment on something that many women are often perplexed.  The question is:

“How do I get that fresh-faced, “no makeup” makeup look, without using a ton of products?”

Let me be the first to admit that I am a makeup enthusiast!  I love getting all dressed up and made up with no place in particular to go!  In fact, shopping for cosmetics is quite therapeutic for me, as I am sure my husband would agree (wink-wink).  However, I have many friends who do not own a lot of makeup, but still want to be able to look polished on any given day.  When I am in a rush, and do not have the time to put on a full face of makeup, there are only three must-have products that I will not leave home without, that will still give me a fresh and radiant look.  What’s the secret?  The next time you are at the makeup counter shopping for products to get this look, make sure to pick up these three key cosmetic products:  tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, and mascara!

1.  Tinted Moisturizer 

That’s right, you don’t even need foundation!  A tinted moisturizer will result in a moisturized and subtle finish to your skin, while blurring the imperfections and balancing skin tone.  Choose a tinted moisturizer (or mineral powder) in a flattering shade with a bronzey hue, and not only will your skin look radiant, but it will also feel weightless!  Lancôme has a nice selection of shades.

2.  Lip Gloss

If you truly want to leave home wearing the bare minimum (on your face, of course), but still want to look cute, then adding a shiny lip gloss in either a pink, peach or nude shade will give you the perfect pout without looking overdone.  I always keep my golden nude Dior lip gloss on hand; it always comes thru!

3.  Mascara

Lastly, liven up those “windows to the soul” eyes, with a nice coat of mascara.  Curl your lashes to add even more flare, and that’s a bonus!  The brush design on the mascara wand is where all of the magic happens, like this full, voluminous one by Clarins.

So, there you have it, no more excuses to leave home without a polished face.  You can never go wrong with glowing skin, a popping lip gloss and flirty lashes; the ultimate quick and polished look!

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